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ColorSolve Classic inks are a compatible alternative to Mimaki OEM solvent inks, formulated and manufactured exclusively for AIT, giving consistent colours and performance without the need to re-calibrate your system.
They offer significant long term cost savings over Mimaki OEM ink prices without compromising on quality of output, machine reliability or performance.
ColorSolve Classic inks have been closely colour matched to Mimaki OEM inks so the same profiles may be used.
They carry full UV fade resistance warranties and are manufactured to strict ISO9001 quality standards. They have also been thoroughly tested in real working environments and finely tuned for superior machine performance and reliability.
In most cases there is no need to flush the Mimaki OEM inks from the printer providing a quick, simple and clean change over.  Simply swap over to ColorSolve Classic cartridges in turn when your old Mimaki cartridges run out. Mimaki JV5 ink exchange will require an engineer's guidance.
ColorSolve Classic ink has an extended shelf life of 12 months but can be used after the Expiry Date at your discretion and the cartridge won’t be rejected.
ColorSolve Classic ink offers excellent resistance to alcohols and cleaning fluids and is UV light resistant up to 3 years outdoors in the UK or other Northern European location subject to media selection and print positioning. It has superior abrasion and scratch resistance however over-lamination is always recommended for external use.
AIT offer a full and comprehensive engineering support, with access to genuine parts sourced from our partners in the UK and overseas, and will warrant all parts coming into contact with ColorSolve Classic where any existing warranty may have been compromised.
Order online or give us a call today on 01732 875000 and place your first order for ColorSolve Classic ink. We offer a next day delivery on all orders placed before 3pm. It’s as simple as that!

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